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Mt athos private yacht tour 2

Best cruises at Halkidiki,part 5. Mount Athos cruise ,The promise ..

Mount Athos ,is not just the third peninsula of Halkidiki .It’s  important centre of Eastern Orthodox monastism,forbidden for women.An Orthodox spiritual centre since 1054. The mountain ,along with the respective part of the peninsula have been governed as the monastic community of Mount Athos , an autonomous region  since the Byzantine times ,within the Hellenic Republic, ecclesiastically under the direct jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinuple.

Because of its long history of religious importance, the well-preserved agrarian architecture within the monasteries, and the preservation of the flora and fauna around the mountain, Mount Athos was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage in 1988.

Greeks call it Agio Oros ,which means The Holy Mountain .Local life is strongly connected to the  monasteries.

Halkidiki yachting  ,provides  Spiritual private cruise  along the west side of Holy Mountain.Emglish speaking Guide is also offered .Different language guide is also offered after request.

Among the 20 monasteries,while  Mount Athos cruise,guest can see 8 of them.

Starting south west ,you can see from 500m distance from the shore

  •  St. Anna Skete : is a dependent idiorrhythmic hermitage style ,a monastic community attached to the more formalised Great Lavra Monastery  .The kyriakon (central church) of the Skete of Saint Anne was built in 1680 when the skete was being enlarged by Patriarch Dionisios the third of Constantinople.

  • St. Paul Monastery ,is dedicated in the Presentation of Christ to the temple.

  • Dionisiou Monastery , was built in the middle 14th century by the monk Dionysious of Koryssos in the Kastoria precinct, with the financial support of the emperor Alexius III Comnenos of Trapezous.The monastery possesses one of the most remarkable collections of works of art (mainly portable icons) as well as illuminated manuscripts.

  • St. Gregory Monastery is dedicated to St Nicholas .The monastery is finally rebuilt with the financial aid of the princes of Moldavia and Valachia .Inside the Katholicon are kept many heirlooms and portable icons, the most outstanding of which are those of St Nicholas, of Virgin Galaktotropousa and of Virgin Pantanassa. In the library there are 297 manuscripts, about 4,000 books and many documents.

  • Simonos Petra Monastery .The seven-stored monastery of Simonopetra is the most bold construction of the peninsula, and is dedicated to the birth of Christ .The name comes from the founder of the monastery, Hosios Simon, who lived in Athos in the mid 14th c

  • Dafni is the port and actually the entrance of the Holy Mountain.Ferries with visitors ,with special permissions from the moansteries ,come here every day.

  • Xiropotamoy Monastery  , is dedicated to the 40 Martyrs .The monastery owns a rich collection of heirlooms, the most outstanding of which, is the largest in the world piece of the Christ’s Cross, as well as a small round steatite icon, known as the Pulcheria Disk.

  • St. Panteleimon Monastery ,known as the  Russian Monastery ,he monastery owns a rich collection of heirlooms, the most outstanding of which, is the largest in the world piece of the Christ’s Cross, as well as a small round steatite icon, known as the Pulcheria Disk.

All these information were shared of course to the Romanian family who rent Crystal Blue for Mount Athos Cruise.

But ,There was a  heartbreaking motive behind this particular Athos cruise. Adriana had made a  promise to her  father ,who was a priest and unable to travel,tha she will see the top of the Holy Mountain .It was his dream ,but he has never been there.But she is a woman ,she can she it only by the shore from a boat.Her husband ,didn’t hasitate a minute to book Mt Athos Cruise ,while they visit Halkidiki .And a unique Tour along the west coast of The Holy Mountain begun and the family had the opportunity , to admire the unique builded orthodox monasteries from a short distance .Their children were happily surpised too.The journey ended full of the Holy Spirit in our souls.

And a promise to the most loved person was finaly fulfiled.

Mt Athos yachting sightseing in HalkidikiMt Athos sightseing by boatMt athos private tour russian monasteryMt Athos Cruise

Mt athos private yacht tour 2
Mt Athos private yacht tour 2

Mount Athos cruise

Mt Athos cruise
Mt Athos cruise



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