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Best cruises at Halkidiki ,part 2. San Francisco California ,”dreamers” from USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Halkidiki yachting
Halkidiki yachting

It was a foggy night at San Francisco , while still lockdown,when 7 colleagues and friends from California decided to celebrate 4 of July at the sunniest country! After lots of emails , trip to Greece,was finally organized !

And they choose Crystal Blue yachts of course, to visit Sithonia and Athos peninsula.
Highlights,were more than enough!
swimming under the sunset lights!
Visiting a family of dolphins 🐬
Snorkelling adventure
Everyone loved scorpions band
Endlessly parenting conversations
History lessons
Talking about UFOs
Thank you guys! We had soooo much fun !
See you next year 🀩
Halkidiki yachting
Halkidiki yachting
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