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Mythology And Halkidiki ,Part 2 .”SITHONIA ”

It’s amazing how the Greek Landscape is connected with myths ,based on historical facts.That’s why every name has a backround story.

Therefore first finger of Halkidiki ,KASSANDRA part 1 story is connected to SITHONIA ,second finger part 2 .A myth about power and love .

Sithon was the king of Thrace and son of Poseidon who conquered Halkidiki region .He chose the second finger to named it after him self ,because he believed ,it was the most bbeautiful of the three ”legs”. .As you see ,he was as powerful as selfish .So selfish that when his daughter PALLINI ,got old enough to be married ,he decided to keep her for him self ,so no one else will inherit his Kingdom.Another bloody story had been unfolded on this land.

Pallini was a very beautiful girl ,kind and smart as well ,so many fiance claimed her ”hand” for marriage .But that desire became fatal for more than many men .King Sithon was not willing to part with his beloved daughter .So he killed them one by one.

Until one Pallini got in love and fooled her father and her beloved KLITOS won all the impossible tasks he was asked to do! Sithon became furious with anger and ordered the couple to be burned alive .Fortunately Gods are fair and could not allow such an in justice to be occurred. Goodness of Love ,Aphrodite brought rain and the fire went out .King Sithon was a son of God ,but not powerful enough to ignore the Gods will .So he was forced to retreat .

Love wins always at the end .Klitos become a king and he named the heart of Kassandra peninsula after his wife name ,PALLINI .

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