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Regarding Covid-19

All our interior and exterior have been renovated with the new PERMABLOK 3, a cutting-edge vinyl protection that provides not only a superior luxury feel but also complete hygiene and protection.The most advanced marine material available worldwide.

We take hygiene on board the Crystal Blue Vessels very seriously.

Firstly, because we live on the boat ourselves. It’s our house for the entire summer, and it will be your vessel for at least a full day. Our measures are simple and effective.

Step 1

Every day, the vessel is thoroughly disinfected before you board it.

Step 2

Prior to departure, the temperature is taken with a wireless thermometer on each individual passenger and ourselves, of course.

Step 3

Disinfection after the completion of the cruise

Yachting is a fantastic way to enjoy privacy while going places, discovering beaches with no other people around, and experiencing some amazing days while on holidays in Greece.

We try hard to provide a completely disinfected environment for your day cruise so that you can safely enjoy the amazing places you will discover onboard the Crystal Blue.

Looking forward to an amazing summer with you.

Kostas (your captain) and Chrisa (your hostess)



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