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Best cruises at Halkidiki,part 1. Athletes from Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ & Japanese cuisine

Β Halkidiki Yachting ,is cooperating only with the best professionals in tourism industryΒ  like HELLO THESSALONIKI .
Thanks to SOLONΒ  TSINTSOGLOU which consindered to be the best VIP concierge of Thessaloniki city ,Shinji , a special guest from the land of the rising sun ! πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ ”escaped from crowd and find some time to relax in privacy.
All started when ,Β  football season was overΒ  and hard work worthedΒ  a treat. So ,world famous Japanese football player Shinji and his team ,treat themselves with a private day cruise with Crystal Blue the perfect vessel which of course was suggested by their concierge. They enjoyed every moment of their private day trip on our luxury yacht .The cruise ,swimming ,food small talk photos and some laughs while playing board games ,like scrable and cards.
Nothing can possible go wrong when tourism professionals and experts to their subject are cooperating and the result can be only perfect.
Satisfied customers are happy customers ,and the smile speaks for them selves.
Athletes’ private chef Kohei Tamasiro ,had prepared an amazing and healthyΒ  Japanese lunch for all and shared some of his secret recipes with us.

Sithonia cruisefootball player

foot ball player

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